Total Network Systems Management Services

Your network is the lifeblood of your company.  Voice, video and data services are converging into one consolidated local and wide-area network delivering sales transactions, customer concerns, supply-chain issues and other business-driven activities to your doorstep.  The global economy makes further demands on your network demanding constant uptime around the clock forcing you to extend your resources and network assets beyond safe limits.  Terabyte Solutions Inc. knows your pain and we deliver instant solutions to your enterprise to make your business grow with you instead of slowing you down.  Utilizing our expertise in network design and deployment, we now offer a Total Network Systems Management Service (TNSMS) to address your lack of resources and staffing requirements.

  • Management of data and voice assets
  • Monitoring and tracking of network availability and usage
  • Identify network vulnerabilities, threats and exploits before they happen
  • Perform network audits to assess network performance
  • Disaster-planning and recovery assistance to help you prepare for any eventuality
  • Monthly reports to keep you informed and updated on your data and voice assets


We monitor the integrity of your data and voice network on a 24 X 7 basis. Using a combination of remote-monitoring tools and on-premise network and system administrators, we can stand watch on your LAN and WAN while you deploy your precious resources in more meaningful pursuits.


Buying and installing a firewall or gatekeeper isn’t enough. You need to proactively maintain your infrastructure and other hardware assets to keep up with the latest threats to your network. We can maintain your rules and policy sets, update your anti-virus dataset files and ensure that your defined acceptable-use policies are being followed.


Are you planning to roll out a new application but lack the necessary manpower to support your deployment? Enlist us as your Help Desk Partner for your clients and users.


We take care of handling network outages brought about by service provider issues and we coordinate and monitor your SLA’s with 3rd party providers to maximize your resources.


Consult with us on how to properly enable your network for maximum resilience and guaranteed uptime


We can do also do turnkey arrangements involving planning, deployment, training, service provisioning and support to guide your organization and develop internal support assets for critical applications.

With our TNSMS Solutions, you can now scale your operations to match your real requirements. Lessen your administrative overhead while giving yourself the capability to grow overnight without any complications. Are you expecting a spike in business activity during the Holiday Season for example? Then increase your network monitoring assets and personnel without any capital expenditure. Are you looking at expanding operations in key areas and yet don’t want to commit in increasing your overhead expenses? Then use our solutions to match your growth as you need it and when you need it. Lessen the impact of skilled worker migrating away from your organization by utilizing our expertise when you need it without increasing your head count.

The TNSMS Solution Is Right for You If:

  • You manage multiple, geographically dispersed wide-area-network sites.
  • You need to reduce your IT head count without sacrificing network uptimes and Quality of Service (QoS) 
  • You need to scale your operations to match the requirements of your stakeholders such as Sales and Marketing campaigns, new product launches, etc. 
  • You want to expand in a given area but don’t have the staffing resources. 
  • You want to improve your network availability without spending too much on additional hardware and training